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Where superheroes fast-forward by their origins
and the bananas are masters of disguise.

Welcome to the on-line home of Platypus Comics, a collection of funny stories I started drawing in 1990 to stay awake in 9th grade biology. They were originally available only as photocopies, but demand grew so high that the National Foresters Association begged me to switch to a paperless format. So now, readers can enjoy Platypus Comics through this site.
    Captain Galapagus
    The adventures of a powerless super-hero struggling to avoid adventure!

    Bitter Guy
    Bitter Guy deals with the same annoyances that bothers you every day.

    Sidekick in Space
    Captain Galapagus' sidekick in his own very confusing solo adventures.

    Other Oddities
    Platypus Comics that are too weird to fit in their own category.
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