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I never get sick

I used to never get sick. That is an exaggeration. But I rarely got sick. I don’t think I ever got anything more then a runny nose in high-school and in college I got sick twice over the 4 years. Both times was pretty bad. I had a really tough chest-aching cough and lost my […]

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Holidays, Nintendo, and Justice (a list)

I am generally not that into holidays, but this weekend Cat and I sat down and started making our plans for Thanksgiving, Thanksmas, Christmas at my Dad’s house, and Christmas at her family’s home. Cat also got me Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass. I will talk to people again in a few weeks when […]

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Kevtown needs a seaport

Confess Fletch (the second book written in the Fletch series) might be even more fun then the first book. The mystery doesn’t resolve quite as well so that is why I say might. But the series introduces Inspector Flynn a great character who rivals Fletch for your attention and steals a lot of the book. […]

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Wearing Ezlo

If you are curious as to what I have been up to for the last few days let me just tell you that Princess Zelda is fine, and the Kingdom of Hyrule is once again safe. And as a nice bonus my magic talking hat was turned back into the Minish Wizard Ezlo. I read […]

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