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Cat’s blog, science, and spidey

Cat started a blog about the dinners she cooks for us. She hasn’t publicized it at all, but I am not going to wait for that to mention it here. I added it to my link list below, but its also here: http://weekenddinner.blogspot.com/ I just watched a special on the Tunguska event and then looked […]

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I feel like I am 11

I haven’t watched a full NBA basketball game on TV in over 15 years. But I have watched two in the last week. Last night the Boston Celtics came back from a 24 point deficit to beat the Los Angeles Lakers. They now lead the best of 7 series, 3 to 1. I haven’t been […]

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I like to watch TV

For those of you who are tired of hearing me talk about the Maverick TV series you can rejoice. American Life TV has made Thursday their Sci-Fi night, instead of Classic Western. That means instead of Maverick and Cheyenne we get Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Time Tunnel. I […]

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Bret, Bart, Beau, and Brent Maverick

Maverick is one of my current favorite TV shows and it is from the late 50s. Current because I have never seen them, and because I “discovered” it about 6 months ago. You might be familiar with the show, or more likely with the Mel Gibson movie, but I am going to pretend you are […]

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Heroes Finale

So the Heroes finale was kind of a bland end to an otherwise strong show. I am going to discuss this, but I am not going to avoid spoilers…so read at your own risk.

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High Definition/Lowest Common Denominator

Lately I have been watching the new Discovery Channel series, Planet Earth. An amazing look at different regions of the planet and the animals that are found there. Unfortunately the first thing that strikes me while watching this show is “I wish I had a HD Television.” Seriously this show (and sporting events) are the […]

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He’s a cool exec with a heart of steel

Why haven’t I posted recently? Well I have been busy watching You Tube videos of old Marvel Super-Heroes cartoons. For those that don’t remember (or are too young) here is a quick explanation. There used to be these cartoons featuring some of the Marvel Super-Heroes, Thor, Sub-Mariner, Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man. They were […]

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IM conversation with Erik Tanouye

The following has been edited to improve poor typing, change IM usernames, and make me seem less stupid: kevhines: I overheard a girl on the subway telling her friend about the Wire. erik: Did they seem like they appreciated it, or did it seem like that they didn’t get it? kevhines: Subway girl said things […]

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How I Spent my Thanksgiving Vacation…

Over this past Thanksgiving weekend I: watched The Wire Season Two : The only season of the Wire I had not seen. Numerous people told me this was the best season and while it was great, I still preferred season three. I am not sure if that is because season three was the first season […]

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Abbreviated Entries

I haven’t posted in a while. Here are a few of the topics you didn’t get to read about in this blog: Galactus: Galactus is a goofy looking Fantastic Four villain that eats planets. I recently read a story where they posed him a more science-based threat, and far less goofy. I found it a […]

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