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Spam Poetry: untitled

Another spam e-mail I got that I am not sharing with you as poetry: in this system, so the customs men were used to seeing A party or parties unknown had neatly warped the ship I’ve really been doing all these years I have been away, good portion of anthracite and banged the firedoor shut

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Spam Poetry: Perry

Yet another piece of spam that I am sharing with you as poetry: Perry wanted to finish the job I had started for them. But I the first guests to arrive since the royal table had a attitude of course. I was all flashing eye and hell- of them are helped along and reach their […]

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Spam Poetry: call back

Sometimes the spam I get has a message of what seems to be randomly generated gibberish. I guess that helps it get through filters? But its not completely random. And it almost reads like poetry. Or poorly translated poetry. Here is one of the recent ones I got: call back of the android away. Shakily, […]

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What is going on?

So today I have been blasted by spam posts (roughly 150 comments so far). They aren’t showing up, but I am getting tons of emails asking me to approve these comments. I don’t want to approve them. So then I have to log in and delete. I then upgraded my software to the latest WordPress […]

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