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Cat’s blog, science, and spidey

Cat started a blog about the dinners she cooks for us. She hasn’t publicized it at all, but I am not going to wait for that to mention it here. I added it to my link list below, but its also here: http://weekenddinner.blogspot.com/ I just watched a special on the Tunguska event and then looked […]

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Advancements in Science

A new advancement in biological optics will have sociological benefits as well as medical. The Optic Nerve Reversal procedure allows the eye to receive information from the brain first and then combine that information with the outside stimuli. The net effect in early tests is allowing the user to see what he expects to see, […]

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dwarf, fluffy, and romantic planets.

Pluto is not currently a planet. I am not sure if this will stick, since a few weeks ago it was a planet and so was Pluto’s moon Charon, the asteroid Ceres, and a further out planet named Eris (formerly Xena (formerly 2003 UB313)). But for now Pluto’s status (and the status of those other […]

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