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Kevhines.com has been upgraded!

I haven’t posted much lately, but if I ever start writing more content it will be a joy. For those of you that are interested (Will?): I upgraded my wordpress to 2.8.6 I changed my theme to a barely modified Thematic ( I use the wp-polls plug-in (2.50) for that poll on the right. I […]

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Las Vegas Bound!

Cat and I are going to Vegas. Right now. In fact if you are reading this the day I posted it we are already en route. Neither of us has worked in a while so our savings are pretty slim. Luckily flying to Vegas is pretty cheap, and the hotels are even cheaper. They must […]

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Upgraded Indiana

I upgraded my WordPress to 2.5.1. This seems unnoticable from a reader’s viewpoint but the admin screens are drastically chaned. I don’t like the changes, but I think that comes mostly from a change is scary standpoint. I saw the new Indiana Jones movie. I liked it. It isn’t as good as the first 3 […]

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Where is Garfield?

I haven’t posted in a while. Going to try to post a few times this week. So lets start the week with a list. How many blog posts being with laments about a lack of posting? And how many of those have no actual content other then an apology for not posting? I recently cut […]

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The Good, The Bad, and the Scary

So last week I was searching through some job listings. Mostly on monster.com and craigslist and got into a huge panic about finding a job. This is the sort of position I try to avoid getting in when I am unemployed. I try to gauge how much time I have before money issues hit me, […]

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Steve Martin, Fletch, Tablets, and Work

The host service that held my old site finally expired. Unfortunately I had just renewed my domain so it still exists. So until it expires I have set up my old domain to forward here. So http://www.platypuscomics.com/ sends you right to this blog. And my old blog site http://www.platypuscomics.com/blog sends you to http://www.kevhines.com/blog which chastises […]

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New Look (and still at a new URL)

Reminder. This blog is located at kevhines.com now. So I redesigned my blog using a theme I got from here: WordPress Themes I then tweaked it a bit. Removed authors, added an outdated picture of me, added some text to the footer, removed meta links and the search function, added previous and next posts link […]

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In case you didn’t notice, you are at a new URL. I am getting rid of platypuscomics.com and moving all the data over to kevhines.com So my blog is no longer at http://www.platypuscomics.com/blog/ but can be reached by going directly to http://www.kevhines.com/ Please update all your links.

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Also Kevhines…M.I.A.

So I haven’t posted since November 20th. A combination of jury duty taking far longer then I anticipated (I was there for 6 weeks) and my evenings being busy. There were large stretches of time where I was only home long enough to either shower or sleep. Never both. It was pretty awful. More on […]

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Kevhines timeline

I always forget dates. People ask me how long I have been in my apartment or how long I have been dating my girlfriend or when I moved to New York and I always forget. This past summer I was talking to a college friend of mine and we couldn’t remember when all our different […]

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