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Kevin the Patriot

“I did it for America.” In January of 1999 I worked for a consulting company that was based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company (unnamed and therefore making this blog google-proof) was having its first ever company meeting in New Orleans over a weekend. Because the company had no true base of operations there were folks […]

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The Good, The Bad, and the Scary

So last week I was searching through some job listings. Mostly on monster.com and craigslist and got into a huge panic about finding a job. This is the sort of position I try to avoid getting in when I am unemployed. I try to gauge how much time I have before money issues hit me, […]

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Steve Martin, Fletch, Tablets, and Work

The host service that held my old site finally expired. Unfortunately I had just renewed my domain so it still exists. So until it expires I have set up my old domain to forward here. So http://www.platypuscomics.com/ sends you right to this blog. And my old blog site http://www.platypuscomics.com/blog sends you to http://www.kevhines.com/blog which chastises […]

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Holidays, Nintendo, and Justice (a list)

I am generally not that into holidays, but this weekend Cat and I sat down and started making our plans for Thanksgiving, Thanksmas, Christmas at my Dad’s house, and Christmas at her family’s home. Cat also got me Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass. I will talk to people again in a few weeks when […]

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“but brother, you’d better be dreaming!”

So I’ve started actively looking for work again. Well, not that actively. I am checking a handful of sites and reading job listings but not applying to anything or posting my resume anywhere. I am also telling people that I am looking for work. I am being slow about it because I am not sure […]

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4 down, 15 to go

What have I been up to since I last posted? A lot actually. I mean, it has been a month. I am no longer working. I went to a shooting range. I turned 32. I visited my younger brother at his house that he bought a week earlier. I got sick. I took a writing […]

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I sort of quit

So this was supposed to be my last week of work. It is not. I gave notice on Jan.4th However because I am consultant I only gave notice to my boss in the consulting company. It is their job to inform the client company that I am quitting. My consulting boss asked me to give […]

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Latest Inactivity

I know I have not been blogging regularly so I am not even sure if anyone comes here at all. But I do plan to blog more regular in the upcoming weeks as my job ramps down. So stay tuned. Read the next post to hear about the latest on my job.

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Number 2 with Privacy

There is a guy on my floor in a wheelchair. He didn’t always work on this floor. When he arrived on the floor (a few months ago) my already unfufilling job became even more unenjoyable because now I can’t overcome my guilt to use the handicap bathroom. I miss taking craps in a private bathroom.

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Wedded Bliss-krieg

At work I recently got emailed a wedding invitation. I don’t know this person. I believe she works on my floor, but I could be wrong as I have never heard her mentioned. Now the wedding is in India, so maybe she felt that anyone willing to go that distance must feel close enough to […]

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