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Platypus Comics

Before I moved my entire site over to kevhines.com it used to reside as a subset of the site Platypus Comics on the URL: www.platypuscomics.com The main site was a housing for comics I drew in the 90’s (from High School until a few years out of college). The art is pretty medicore, but I […]

I have discovered the internet again

I got a new cable modem on Friday. For the past year I have had increasingly annoying problems with my internet connection. Starting around the Astoria Blackout my internet connection has been worse. For a while I found myself losing and finding the connection on and off. It reached a point where that happened so […]

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Zach Woods can write my biography

Yesterday I posted about googling. A while back Natasha Levinger emailed me to let me know that she was checking the search terms for her blog and that someone had found her blog by searching the term: “Kevin Hines funny”. Sadly I had to let her know that I was the person who searched for […]

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Dr. Kevin James Hines

Someone recently commented on an almost 2 year old post. It’s a post where I talk about how my finger had lost a lot of feeling after carrying someone else’s groceries. I remember posting it after I couldn’t find anything only to let me know it was only a temporary problem (though I assumed it […]

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Turtle Race

This is the best race ever. Sorry Indy 500, NY marathon, and Kentucky Derby. I am all about the 2007 Turtle Race. Mostly because of the website. http://www.greatturtlerace.com/

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los mejores inventos del hombre

A spanish language blog just linked to an old posting of mine. He cites me for stating that the Mach 3 Power is the 3rd Greatest Innovation of Mankind. (In hindsight I probably should have just said that powered razors are the 3rd Greatest Innovation of Mankind…but I do think the Mach 3 Power was […]

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Five Things

Will tagged me. Five Things You Don’t Know About Me. I am not sure I can come up with 5 Things no one who reads this knows about me, but here are 5 things where I doubt any one person would know all five. I dyed my hair green one summer – My roommate Adam […]

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another infrequent self-absorbed post about my week

I have become bad about posting. Here is what I have been up to: * * * Last Thursday I worked from home because I needed to be there in case the cable guy showed up. My internet was having issues where it didn’t work for minutes at a time every few minutes. Of course […]

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check it out dawg!

I set up a blog/website for my friend David Lombard so he can post the movies he makes online: http://www.lombardmovies.com Check it out! Of course, it only contains 3 movies right now, 2 of which are located on this blog – but at some point Dave will add other movies and stuff to the site. […]

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Chevy Chase as Ron Chipley

My short video Ron Chipley: Notary Public is featured on National Lampoons‘s website as the BEST ON THE WEB. I am not sure what that means – beyond the fact that whoever sets up that web page likes my video – but I love any and all recognition. I have no idea how often they […]

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