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My forehead is itchy

I got a bug bite on the middle of my forehead. Is that even possible? Is there even blood to suck there? Jon Lester, a young left handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, pitched a no-hitter last night. What makes this even more amazing is that he was almost traded in the offseason, but […]

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Why do I have so many eye problems?

This is a long post and might not be interesting at all. Near the end I talk about eye cancer – so if that interests you keep reading through the dull line waiting portions. Monday night my right eye hurt. Now I have had a history of eye problems so I quickly noticed a few […]

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Dr. Kevin James Hines

Someone recently commented on an almost 2 year old post. It’s a post where I talk about how my finger had lost a lot of feeling after carrying someone else’s groceries. I remember posting it after I couldn’t find anything only to let me know it was only a temporary problem (though I assumed it […]

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The Rock (the gym, not the wrestler or the movie)

I went to the Rock – a gym in Astoria – today. It was really nice. All I have to compare it to is the NYSC. The Rock seemed cleaner and it had more room. The equipment (and tvs, and showers) were all nicer and newer. The staff was more engaging. Any worry I had […]

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favoring the right

I hurt my left thumb about a week ago and it still hurts a lot. But as I try to avoid using my left hand (and favor the non-hurting right thumb) I have discovered that I use my left hand for a lot more then I ever realized. Things I favor my left hand for: […]

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a tidal wave of citrus

I saw Superman Returns. Now I am hoping that Superman Returns my 10 dollars I paid to sit through his boring movie. There is actually a lot of problems with the movie, but I would have forgiven it all if it was more action-packed. The first action scene takes way too long to get to, […]

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Keep reading – I eventually mention X-Men 3

I don’t get sick very often. But when I do get sick I like to talk about it in an overly verbose blog entry. This past week I got sick. I think it started on Tuesday night (May 23rd). At first it was just some congestion and a sinus headache. On Friday it was still […]

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My finger hurts.

The tip of my middle finger on my right hand feels like it is asleep. Its felt like this since last night. What caused it? I’ll tell you. Edited on June 27th 2007: So if you are reading this it’s probably because the tip of your finger has been numb for a long period of […]

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I Can See!

Today I was exchanging my cable box converter for a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system and for the first time ever in my life someone marveled at my eye sight. I entered the Time Warner cable express store and I was given a number (my number was 302). I asked the guy behind the desk […]

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