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Holiday Flickrs

Here are some photos from Christmas 2008. These include pictures of people opening gifts from me and Cat, as well as the annual Booyar gift. As always I fully commented these pictures so you know what is going on in each photo: To remind you, Booyar is a guy who was in 9th grade when […]

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Portland – third time is charming.

I haven’t posted since before I went to Portland for the third time. Cat’s sister, Liz, lives in Portland, so we have been there a few times. This time was to attend Liz’s wedding. I have a couple of flickr albums. One is for everyone to see, and one is of the wedding so for […]

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I lost money, I won money, I lost money again.

Cat and I went to Las Vegas from June 25th to June 28th. We stayed at the MGM Grand hotel – and it was great. Big room, nice hotel, and cheap (even with our included flights). If not for the gambling, expensive restauraunts, and pricey shows this vacation would have been pretty cheap! Gambling wise […]

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Las Vegas Bound!

Cat and I are going to Vegas. Right now. In fact if you are reading this the day I posted it we are already en route. Neither of us has worked in a while so our savings are pretty slim. Luckily flying to Vegas is pretty cheap, and the hotels are even cheaper. They must […]

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Cat Graduates!

Cat quit her job in December so that she could attend the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). That meant we were both unemployed. Not exactly a power couple. June 13th Cat graduated! (well sort of. She has to complete an externship this summer. She will be working at the Gramercy Tavern. But her classtime education […]

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YoungMe, NowMe

Dyna Moe sent an email to Will and I because she had found this site (ColorWars) that was posting images of people as children and then pictures of them recreating the image as adults. Dyna knew that we had already done this, so she said we should submit to it. So I did. I think […]

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Christmas, Brothers Hines

Cat left her camera at her parents house so I had to wait for them to mail the camera back to us before I could upload the handful of pictures Cat took. Here is a link to my flickr set. (As always I write descriptions on the photos so you have some idea of what […]

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Also Kevhines…M.I.A.

So I haven’t posted since November 20th. A combination of jury duty taking far longer then I anticipated (I was there for 6 weeks) and my evenings being busy. There were large stretches of time where I was only home long enough to either shower or sleep. Never both. It was pretty awful. More on […]

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Vacation Photos

I was going to blog about my vacation, but after uploading these photos, and writing descriptions, I was tired to writing about it. So you can go through these photos to hear about my recent vacation. Unfortunately that means you won’t get to hear about the things I did when Cat and I forgot to […]

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Brothers Hines: the finale

For the third Thursday in a row Will and I performed at UCB Theatre’s Cagematch. Like every time we perform Will explained the hook that we are related and how we hoped that would make our show more interesting to people who didn’t already know us. The first two weeks we also showed photos from […]

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