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National Sketch Month: 3 of the same sketches?

Will, Erik and I wrote 3 different sketches with the same title. Twice. You see I’ve been participating in the Unofficial Sketch Month. Ben Ragheb and Michelle Dobrawsky are the ones who championed it. I recall brother Will doing it last year. And Silvija Ozols mentioned to me in August that she had plans to […]

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100 Vantage Points

The above image is probably only interesting to a select few, and of them I think only Erik Tanouye reads this blog. Which is good because Erik is the one who recently made the comment that I had internally been thinking for a while, “Doesn’t that movie poster look like a 100 bullets cover?” Yes […]

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IM conversation with Erik Tanouye

The following has been edited to improve poor typing, change IM usernames, and make me seem less stupid: kevhines: I overheard a girl on the subway telling her friend about the Wire. erik: Did they seem like they appreciated it, or did it seem like that they didn’t get it? kevhines: Subway girl said things […]

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write it like ripoff

So my friend Erik Tanouye has a blog where he comments (or writes humorous jokes) about news articles. Its really good (and linked over on the side of this site) and it makes me wish I was motivated to do the same thing. So slightly inspired by him I present this post where I comment […]

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