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Dream (March 27th): Dino Island

I was on a boat sailing around a densely wooded island. The boat was filled with scientists who heard the sound of heavy rainfall. “It sounds like a rainforest” one of them remarked “but there are no rainforests in this region of the globe!” I think we were in the Artic – possibly inspired by […]

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Six Short Posts equals One Long Post

A few days ago I was having a dream when I said to someone “I wish I could sleep in today” and they told me “Aren’t you sleeping in enough right now?”. The logic of that question woke me up like a robot being asked to explain love, and when I opened my eyes I […]

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Dreamy Screenplay

When its early in the morning and I have fallen back to sleep after my alarm goes off (a fairly regular occurrence) or when I am trying to fall asleep at night, but not quiet all the way there I have half dreams. They are sort of like regular dreams, where I don’t have hard […]

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oh, that old chestnut

So I had a strange dream last night. I am not going to go into a lot of details about it. It involved large pieces on construction equipment, mass destruction, racing to elevators, apartments that had been exploded, a one armed Mr.Freeze like character, and my friend Sean Taylor teaching people how to eat Pasta […]

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