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The Longest Day

So last Labor Day I watched Band of Brothers and loved it. So I decided to read the book it was based on, but when I read the reviews for the book they mostly something to the effect of “this book is good, but The Longest Day is better” so I added The Longest Day […]

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John Henry Beats the Train

Last week I was riding the subway and the girl sitting across from me noticed I was reading the Subtle Knife (the sequel to the Golden Compass). She told me that she was reading that book too. Actually she said it twice because I didn’t realize she was speaking to me at first. But the […]

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Steve Martin, Fletch, Tablets, and Work

The host service that held my old site finally expired. Unfortunately I had just renewed my domain so it still exists. So until it expires I have set up my old domain to forward here. So http://www.platypuscomics.com/ sends you right to this blog. And my old blog site http://www.platypuscomics.com/blog sends you to http://www.kevhines.com/blog which chastises […]

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Holidays, Nintendo, and Justice (a list)

I am generally not that into holidays, but this weekend Cat and I sat down and started making our plans for Thanksgiving, Thanksmas, Christmas at my Dad’s house, and Christmas at her family’s home. Cat also got me Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass. I will talk to people again in a few weeks when […]

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Support my literacy

What should i read next? I don’t know a lot about any of these books, but they all have struck me as interesting. The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye by A.S. Byatt This is a collection of fairy tales, but not a re-telling of classics. These are original stories. The title caught my attention and […]

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Robert Jordan died Monday

Robert Jordan died yesterday of a heart disease that he has been battling for some time. He was the author behind the Wheel of Time series that at quick glance appears to look like every other generic fantasy series. The titles talk about time, swords and crowns and the covers show lots of guys and […]

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Kevtown needs a seaport

Confess Fletch (the second book written in the Fletch series) might be even more fun then the first book. The mystery doesn’t resolve quite as well so that is why I say might. But the series introduces Inspector Flynn a great character who rivals Fletch for your attention and steals a lot of the book. […]

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“Which wall’s the door in?”

I recently watched Brick, a great film by Rian Johnson. Its a modern noir detective story set in a high school. Don’t imagine that as an overcoat wearing kid calling a cheerleader a leggy dame. Its modern in the sense that he has re-imagined a Chandler or Hammett novel as if it was written today. […]

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A late post about Carson Napier

So I meant to post this around Father’s Day. It would have made a nice companion post to my older brother’s post. But I didn’t write it until today. I mentioned back in August that I wanted to read one of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Venus novels because they were one of my Dad’s favorites when […]

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Fictional Hines

I am planning to quit my job early next year. That means I have anywhere from 37 to 57 days of work left. Shamu is fed up There is a comic book called Perhapanuats where the lead character’s last name is Hines I am reading my third Raymond Chandler book (Lady in the Lake). I […]

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