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Divergent Dimensions of Kevin

A couple weeks back a college friend of mine, Matt, visited. We hadn’t seen each other in years and while we were catching up I was struck by an odd feeling – like I was looking at an alternate reality of myself. Somehow a rift between dimensions had opened and I had stepped out to […]

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Long Term Bets

My favorite bets to make are long term, low stakes bets. Half the fun is remembering you even made the bet. My second favorite long term bet was one I made with my brother Brian. I can’t remember when we made the bet, but I am pretty sure I was in high school. I bet […]

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Humbled in a Spider-Man Shirt

About a month ago I was leaving the UCB Offices and heading home when my phone rang. It was Silvija who was looking for someone to join her to see an opera. She had free tickets for Dr. Atomic. I had never seen an opera, and seeing one in English sounded easier to take. Also […]

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Technology’s Bitch

I am amazed at how quickly technology becomes something I can’t live without. When I started college there was no World Wide Web. By the time I graduated I couldn’t understand how people did their homework without it. All my research was done online. How did they do it 2 years earlier? After having a […]

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I just got stung by a yellow jacket!

So my apartment is a mess. I keep meaning to clean it, but I keep getting distracted by other tasks (like installing new shelves in the bathroom for instance). So today I came home and was watching the end of an extra inning Red Sox game against the Tampa Bay Rays (the FIRST PLACE Tampa […]

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A Transvestite bought me a shot last night

Last night I was at the regular UCB hangout bar, McManus, and I was getting ready to leave but I stopped to talk to Anthony Atamanuik for a moment. As we talked a very tall transvestite walked into the back of the bar and began talking to everyone back there. “What are you all celebrating?” […]

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Kevin the Patriot

“I did it for America.” In January of 1999 I worked for a consulting company that was based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company (unnamed and therefore making this blog google-proof) was having its first ever company meeting in New Orleans over a weekend. Because the company had no true base of operations there were folks […]

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I think I might have poisoned myself.

Recently I was sitting with some people and all of a sudden the room seemed to get brighter. Then I realized it wasn’t getting brighter so much as everything was beginning to be bathed in a soft glow. A fuzzy, blurry, soft glow. I covered up my left eye and things looked mostly normal. But […]

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The Good, The Bad, and the Scary

So last week I was searching through some job listings. Mostly on monster.com and craigslist and got into a huge panic about finding a job. This is the sort of position I try to avoid getting in when I am unemployed. I try to gauge how much time I have before money issues hit me, […]

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Monday I got a haircut. I go to a barber located on 44th and 9th – where I used to work years ago. Its cheap and quick – and considering how little work my hair requires that is perfect for me. As I approached the barber was talking to someone one the street. He saw […]

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