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On this page are a bunch of short videos that I have been involved in. All of these were produced for a show called Channel 102. At the show roughly 10 ‘television’ shows are screened. The audience votes for their five favorites and those are brought back at the next screening (with roughly 5 new ‘pilots’). The audience votes again and the process repeats. Each show is required to be 5 minutes long (or shorter). It’s a great show and a lot of fun to make these videos. What follows are links to quicktime versions of all the shows I have been involved in.
(Currently none of these shows are housed on my site, so if you see dead images or the links fail its not my fault. Someday I hope to make copies on my own server)

Ron Chipley: Notary Public

hot dog!Description: Ron Chipley is the story of a man who decided to become a notary public to make his life more adventurous. Episode 1 Ron’s life quickly gets exciting and also earns him enemies. In the second episode Ron continues to notarize but the villians behind Notary Inc won’t leave him alone. I love the happy please-everyone character of Ron Chipley, and I loved the cartoonishly evil Mr. Bureau, but the audience of Channel 102 didn’t vote it back – so their story may never be completely told.

Kevin Hines factor: I wrote and directed this show. In addition I am the voice of a character that shows up about halfway through episode 1. So listen for that. Episode 2 I also edited, and make a silent cameo as a customer of Ron’s.

Download: Ron Chipley: Notary Public (Episode 1)
Download: Ron Chipley: Notary Public (Episode 2)

Craig’s Next Great American Wish

why not me?Description: Dave and I wanted to make a sillier show (after making Gears, listed elsewhere on this page). Dave wanted to make a reality show – something like American Idol or American Inventor. I wasn’t crazy about making a slew of characters that would change every week. I wanted to follow one character throughout the series.

So I pitched Dave this concept: Craig is a guy who hasn’t done much with his life, but he is content. For some reason a crew has started showing up every day to grant him one wish every day and film it for America. Craig doesn’t really mind. His wishes might range from “I wish I had a cup of coffee” to “I wish I could go sky diving”. His reaction to having his wishes granted is the same either way. Craig’s indifference doesn’t seem to slow down the enthusiastic crew at all.

In Episode 1, Craig wishes to ‘Help America’. A vague wish and a haphazard delivery might muddle some of the humor of the show – but other laughs come through loud and clear (I personally laugh at all of Craig’s lines).

In Episode 2, Craig wants to be reunited with his sister. I like this episode a lot more then episode 1 – thanks to a great sequence in the middle and a more coherent episode. It still gets a bit busy, but I think this one is very funny.

The Channel 102 was not that into episode 2 as it was cancelled, so there will be no episode 3.

Kevin Hines factor: I created this show. I also co-directed it. I also play the production assistant, Dusty. (My character is named after my old cat. Is that strange?)

Download: Craig’s Next Great American Wish (Episode 1)
Download: Craig’s Next Great American Wish (Episode 2)

Micket Splatt

Looking for HD9sDescription: Mickey Splatt is a classic gumshoe. But this gumshoe works in Office Supplies for a big modern day corporation. His case for this episode is to track down some really big binder clips. God help anyone who gets in his way.

This was created for Channel 102 – and did pretty poorly. I still like it – but I will admit that it lost a lot from where it was in my head. I wrote this with Mickey Splatt as a guy who is crazy, but generally harmless. But Dave directed it as a guy who wasn’t crazy – just a guy out of time (think Austin Powers). Maybe that disconnect hurt it? Maybe not. Maybe you’ll love it.

You’ll definitely love that opening shot.

Kevin Hines factor: I co-wrote this show. That’s it!

Download: Mickey Splatt


pedestrian peepersDescription: Gears is the story of a young orphan named Sadie who wears ugly glasses, and gets picked on by a bully. One day after being chased by the bully and spooked by a creepy store owner she discovers a pair of magical goggles. This was envisioned as a Tim Burton inspired urban fairy tale. I am not sure how much of the fairy tale feel hit – but it certainly is different from everything else on this page. David Lombard did a lot of work on all the green screens and special effects. Some of it looks amazing.

In the end, I guess it might be too confusing (most people like it a lot more on repeat viewings). Perhaps due to the inherent strangeness. Or maybe to the minimal dialouge we put in (kind of a reaction to our overly wordy Elton Bridge pilot). Whatever the reason, the result was Channel 102 not voting for it to return.

Kevin Hines factor: I co-wrote this show and I am a voice over in one of the opening scene flashbacks.

Download: Gears

The Adventures of Elton Bridge

pretty movieDescription: If Elvis Presly wanted to do a tv show, this is what you would get. Elton Bridge sings, surfs, and fights his way into a local girls heart. But there is a mystery behind his adventures. A mystery that will never be solved because the Channel 102 audience did not vote this pilot back for another episode.
My friend Dave Lombard came up with the idea for this show so that he could learn how to work with green screens. And it came out great – which may or may not be appreciated on the low quality quicktime video I am linking to.

Kevin Hines factor: I co-wrote and co-directed this show. In addition I am the voice of the narrator and I make a non-speaking cameo during the montage.

Download: The Adventures of Elton Bridge

Astros Game Day

I watched the wrong clipDescription: This show is the brainchild of my friend Sean Taylor. I hate spoiling it here in the description, but I am going to anyway. This is a baseball show about a little league team. We shot real footage of a little league game, and then wrote a show around it. You know what is creepy? Three adult men video taping 10 year olds playing baseball from a long distance. It was worth it because this show turned out really funny!

Kevin Hines factor: I wrote most of the dialogue and play the host Pat Cameron (who I named after my grandfather).

Download: Astros Game Day


step 1 - download movieDescription: My brother Will made this film. He wanted to make a 1 minute pilot. I whined about never starring in a pilot. He accomplished both in this little story of a man who is organized. I think its funny (even if it came in last at channel 102) – and a few people have said its a character type I am great at, so that is nice.

Kevin Hines factor: I play Clipboard the lead character. He is the one with a clipboard.

Download: Clipboard

FAN-tastic Four Fan Film

its clobberin timeDescription: This show was created for the IT SUCKED 2005 Awards that are held at the UCB Theater. It has some backstory – but the short version is, this is a clip from a 5 hour epic film by two bearded comic book geeks. Everything in it was done by Jonathon Gabrus and myself – except the editing, which was done by David Lombard.

Kevin Hines factor: I co-wrote it, played Mister Fantastic, and voiced The Thing.

Download: FAN-tastic Four Fan Film Clip

Good Guys Teaser

I am actually wolvireneDescription: This show was created for the IT SUCKED 2006 Awards that are held at the UCB Theater. In the show Jonathon Gabrus, Justin Tyler and myself claim that the hit NBC show HEROES was ripping off our concept that we had made years ago. But if you watch the clip you can see that we basically did a crappy version of that show. Although I do love the dueling Wolvirenes fight.

This is also up on YouTube.

Kevin Hines factor: I co-wrote it, played a lot of little rolls, narrated and edited this puppy.

Download: Good Guys Teaser


pretty sweet gigDescription: This show is written/directed by Channel 102’s host Tony Carnevale. It stars my older brother Will. In it Will dies and is brought back as a demon of seduction who can instantly get women to cheat on their husbands. There are currently 3 episodes. Episode 2 has my favorite title sequence of any Channel 102 show. And Episode 3 has one of the funniest moments in any of the shows on this page.

Kevin Hines factor: I am not in episode 1. But in episodes 2 and 3 I play Will’s brother Kevin. (Not a big stretch). Here is hoping I get cast in episode 4!

Download: Purgatory (episode 1)
Download: Purgatory (episode 2)
Download: Purgatory (episode 3)

Kerry On

Gimme Another Sammy!Description: John Kerry post-election 2004. Ever wonder what he did next? Did you also wonder what ever happened to John Kerry’s old ninja master? This is the only place to find out the answers to those questions.

Kevin Hines factor: I play a secret service agent. And I also show up in the opening credits. Watch my big action debut!

Download: Kerry On

Change Up/Follow Up

moustacheDescription: Another show by Sean Taylor. This is the first 102 show I was involved with. Change Up is about a group of friends (played by Sean’s friends) who magically change places with baseball players. When the show was cancelled Sean followed it with ‘Follow Up’ a documentary showing Sean deal with the cancellation of his show.

Kevin Hines factor: In episode 1 & 2 I play Kevin/Nolan Ryan. I also helped Sean with some of the plot ideas for episode 2 – although he wrote it all. I wrote a couple of the lines to Follow up, all but 2 of which were cut out. And you hear my voice in that show as well.

Download: Change Up (episode 1)
Download: Change Up (episode 2)
Download: Follow Up

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