Platypus Comics

Before I moved my entire site over to it used to reside as a subset of the site Platypus Comics on the URL:

The main site was a housing for comics I drew in the 90’s (from High School until a few years out of college). The art is pretty medicore, but I think a lot of the humor in them is still pretty good.

As I already had this domain I ended up putting every other website need I had on the same URL. Much as I am doing now with

So below is a list of the old pages that used to reside on There might be some dead links and/or dead images because of the move.

  • Platypus Comics: The main portion of the site. This including many comics. Starting with Captain Galapagus (a super-hero who fast-forwarded through his own origin), but followed up by Sidekick in Space(Captain Galapagus’s sidekick’s solo space adventures), and Bitter Guy (an angry office worker originally created for Will’s Spite Magazine – another defunct website). Plus a few other gems like Looney Lincoln.
  • Hindsight: An improv show I performed with David Lombard and Chris Gethard. We each played the same character at different ages. We rehearsed this show for a year, but only performed a half-dozen times. Still, it was one of my favorite improv shows that I was involved with.
  • My Name is Magic Suzie: The first improv group I performed with. Also one of the first New York City independent improv groups that spun out of the increasingly popular UCB Theatre‘s class system.
  • Game On: This is actually still active. A collection of material from the various D&D campaigns I played with my college friends. There is also a forum that we used to discuss everything.
  • Brian: Two comics Brian drew making fun of the three Hines Brother’s. And one comic he drew of his version of Captain Galapagus. It should be noted these were drawn intentionally bad and not by Brian at a very young age.
  • Xmas: One of the ‘famous’ Hines Brothers Christmas Cards that I put online instead of printing and mailing.
  • Plugging my Shows: This was a site I put because I was performing in so many odd groups at so many different locations that I needed one page where I could plug them all. Mostly so I could keep track of what I was up to, and partially so I could point any friends to the page if they asked when I was performing. It also allowed people to sign up or remove themselves from a mailing list that I infrequently used to plug shows. This is advertising the last batch of shows I did before I decided keeping the page up to date was no longer useful.
  • Random Quote

    “These pandas are getting pretty full of themselves.”