My Sock has Flown

This weekend I flew a kite. I can’t remember the last time I even attempted to fly a kite – and I know for a fact that I have never flown one successfully.

Well, I am not sure that has been changed, but I did have one of the most successful kite flights in my limited experience.

Eliza Skinner had invited some folks out for a birthday picnic in Prospect Park, and Silvija Ozols brought the 4.99 kite along. The kite didn’t seem to want to go up. It didn’t seem to mind going parallel to the earth. It hovered no more then 12 feet up, but it kept its distance from me. When the wind died down or changed velocity drastically the kite would flip upside down and drop fast.

Silvija and I decided to try in an area with fewer trees – deducing that the trees were making the wind blow too inconsistent. So we climbed up a hill and tried again.

Unfortunately the top of this hill was also a road for bikers and joggers (and at least two unicyclers). So we were pretty much in the way and I backed into one jogger during one of the liftoff attempts.

We didn’t stay up there long – not because we were in the way, but because the wind seemed no different.
Our next theory was that our kite needed a tail. But no one had a handkerchief or bandanna. So I used my sock. While slightly heavier then we wanted it would have to do. Using a small button we fastened it to the back of the kite and off we went to try again.

Now – it never flew great. But despite the mocking crowd pointing out that the sock was too heavy – it never flew better either.

And even though Silvija were hoping to get the kite up high enough to the point where it could sustain itself – we felt we had succeeded.


Usually on my way to work I do the Metro (free newspaper) crossword puzzle. And then at some point during the work day I go sit on the can and do the AM New York (another free newspaper) crossword puzzle. Today however they were both pretty easy and I finished them both before arriving at the office.

So I printed out an article and brought that to the bathroom during my normal crossword puzzle time. Between choosing an article, printing it out, and actually taking the time to read it – I used up a lot of time.

No matter how busy I get at work I am always pleased when I can find a new way to waste time. Particularly the more websites they block from my access (any day now and I am sure I will be blocked from my own blog).

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  1. Maddy
    Posted 5/16/2006 at 3:31 pm | Permalink

    I’m glad to know you take a crap at work. There are so few people who would fess up to that. You, sir, are a breath of fresh air…so to speak.

  2. Kevhines
    Posted 5/23/2006 at 10:44 am | Permalink

    I enjoy talking about my bowel movements.

    I once sent a friend of mine a Poop Report on my day’s pooping.

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