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So my friend Erik Tanouye has a blog where he comments (or writes humorous jokes) about news articles. Its really good (and linked over on the side of this site) and it makes me wish I was motivated to do the same thing.

So slightly inspired by him I present this post where I comment on a few articles (though not really in the same way Erik does it.):

  • About four years ago I briefly looked into details about going to Greece, and I remember imagining it as a city where the ruins sat intermixed between the modern buildings. Gas stations with statues of Athena out front, or a bus stop in an ancient bath house. Now I don’t know how un-true that is – but when I read an article about a hiker finding an ancient pendant laying around I begin to think I was not that far off. I picture people stepping over the pendant for days – not unlike I might ignore a dropped scrunchie on the subway platform. I wonder if any of those scrunchies are 6,500 year old priceless pieces of history? I still doubt I would pick them up. I felt awkward enough the time I grabbed a nice pen that I saw rolling under a seat on the W train.
  • Bush Says War on Terror Takes Commitment. America is just afraid to commit. I can empathize with America – I’ve had past girlfriends tell me that I had those same issues. Mostly I can relate because of the time my girlfriend Meredith and I broke up because I was worried that another 2000 plus people would die in a poorly executed rebuilding of a nation the two of us destroyed. Also I think I was more attracted to her roommate.
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