Supergirl Ep 16 – Stealing from Superman

A post about the latest episode of Supergirl, as I threatened on Facebook. Maybe I’ll keep doing these. Maybe this will the only one?

Supergirl Episode 16 – Falling


In this episode Supergirl gets infected by Red Kryptonite which makes her lose her inhibitions and become dark Supergirl. Just like what happens in Superman III!

In the 1983 “hit” film Superman III the evil non-Luthor villain, who is basically just another Lex Luthor, orders Richard Pryor to make Kryptonite. And this artificial kryptonite doesn’t kill Suerpman, instead it makes him evil. He bullies people. Drinks alcohol. Straightens the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

In Supergirl, the evil non-Luthor villian, who is basically just another Lex Luthor, creates an artificial kryptonite that doesn’t kill Supergirl, instead it makes her evil. She reads her rivals e-mails at Catco, she dances sexy with James Olsen, and she burns all her clothing in front of her sister.

This show has already borrowed plots from Superman stories – the big one being episode 13 – For the Girl Who has Everything. I guess it makes sense. There aren’t a lot of iconic Supergirl stories, and there isn’t a Superman TV show, so most of these plots will never be used by any live action show anytime soon. But it makes me wonder what kinds of adventures Superman has in this universe. Did he ever go evil? Did he ever get infected by the Black Mercy? Is there a Bizarro Superman? I guess not – or people would be less surprised when it happens to Supergirl, right? I guess Superman in this world has dull adventures with fewer super villains. I wonder if he is bored with stopping tornadoes and catching falling airplanes?

I also want to write about J’onn Jones, but I think I am going to limit myself to one topic a post. And this post was about Supergirl stealing Superman stories!

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