Chaotic Romance

Previously on Chaotic: Britney told Kevin “I love you”. Kevin said nothing in return so Britney started acting angry and Kevin said he was going to leave.

What I learned from episode 4 of Chaotic: Britney and Kevin

  • I like the song Toxic. Uh-oh!
  • Kevin didn’t leave. Long story short, he was bluffing and didn’t want to leave his free room and board trip of the world and the fame of being Britney’s sex toy. Britney was happy he didn’t leave. The anger was all an act.
  • Kevin explains he never said he loved her, because he wasn’t sure she loved him. He is so sensitive and unsure, just like Britney. What a great match!
  • Why are Britney and Kevin so good together (take notes to help your relationship!):
    • they are friends
    • the sex is great (at least Britney thinks so)
    • they are so cute and fun and cool
  • Every shot of them talking at night shows Britney sitting up or walking around or doing something and Kevin is always half reclined and much less talkative
  • At a concert Britney says to the audience “maybe if you are lucky I’ll marry you”. Is this a joke referring to her weekend marriage to high school friend Jason ‘not that Jason Alexander’ Alexander? Was it a hidden message for Kevin? It was probably just clever editing.
  • Britney ‘does it for’ Kevin.
  • Britney informs Kevin that ‘He wants some of this then shows him cleavage and kisses him. So romantic!
  • At a border check that is a little more in depth then past border checks Britney becomes convinced that she is going to be kidnapped and never heard from again. Her last words are recorded into the video camera, “I want to be remembered as a good person – (to Kevin) that was kinda deep!”. She is not kidnapped.
  • Britney likes to tape Kevin while she is naked and everyone else on the bus is asleep.
  • Kevin mentions that the bedroom upstairs (in their recent Hotel room) is where the magic happens and that Britney likes the mirror so she can watcher herself. Britney is strangely offended by this frank talk about sex. I am not sure where the line is for her.
  • The rest of the episode (like 5-10 minutes) is a montage of them talking and kissing with Kevin and Britney narrating their proposal. A long plane ride where they had a few mimosas to get up the courage. Britney proposed. Kevin rejected her because he wanted to propose which he did a moment later. This montage is incredibly boring to watch. And in a show that is pretty damn awful that is saying something

The episode ended with tinkerbell-like- fairy dust falling off the wing of the plane. How magical!

The next episode (airing tonight) is the hour-long (oh dear god) finale (yes!).

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  1. Natasha
    Posted 6/15/2005 at 2:49 pm | Permalink

    The amount of hours I would spend watching this show? Zero.
    The amount of hours I would spend reading your recaps? Endless.

    I wish it wasn’t over so i could read more recaps!

  2. Brian
    Posted 6/18/2005 at 10:52 pm | Permalink

    Agreed. These recaps are hysterical.

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