National Sketch Month: 3 of the same sketches?

Will, Erik and I wrote 3 different sketches with the same title. Twice.

You see I’ve been participating in the Unofficial Sketch Month. Ben Ragheb and Michelle Dobrawsky are the ones who championed it. I recall brother Will doing it last year. And Silvija Ozols mentioned to me in August that she had plans to participate this year. So after I convinced Erik Tanouye to do it I decided to do it as well.

Its been fun. But its hard to come up with ideas every day. Very recently Will, Erik and I decided it would be fun to write sketches based on the same idea. So I asked Dominic Dierkes to send me two titles. One that had the idea fairly spelled out, and one that would be slightly vague.

He sent me, “Is This a Date?” and “‘No Spoilers’ Time Traveler”.

The three of us posted Is This a Date in order in pretty fast succession on the National Sketch Month website, and the other writers on that website, being mostly well trained comedians, noticed a pattern. And so they wrote sketches with the same title.

Silvija Ozols wrote: Is this a Date?
Adam Bozarth wrote: This is a Date
Kat Toledo wrote: Is This a Date Monster

Here are our sketches:
Is This a Date?
by Will Hines
by Kevin Hines
by Erik Tanouye

“No Spoilers” Time Traveler
by Will Hines
by Kevin Hines
by Erik Tanouye

The rest of my sketches are here:
Kevin’s Sketches

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