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  • Cat started a blog about the dinners she cooks for us. She hasn’t publicized it at all, but I am not going to wait for that to mention it here. I added it to my link list below, but its also here:
  • I just watched a special on the Tunguska event and then looked at some images from Antarctica on’s The Big Picture. Stuff like this reassures me that I wasn’t super offbase when I studied chemical engineering in college. I definitely didn’t want to be an engineer, but I bet I could have gotten sucked into some science of another. I just wasn’t aware enough of the things that I would have become super intrigued by. I never heard of the Tunguksa event until like 5 years ago. Or the lakes below Antarctica. Or dark matter. Though I wonder if I could have been dedicated enough to one path enough to ever get involved in anything like that.
  • I just read a great article on the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series that ran earlier this year. Man, Greg Weisman says everything right in that interview. I loved that series. It got it all right in ways all previous animated series didn’t. And in ways the movies didn’t. And in ways a lot of the runs in the comics didn’t. If it gets any sort of longevity (say 4 seasons at least) it could be what the early 90s Batman cartoon was for Batman.
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  1. James Bruffee
    Posted 11/16/2008 at 11:05 pm | Permalink

    Hi Kevin,

    This is James — a student in your 101 class. I apologize for using your blog as a way to get in touch with you, but I misplaced your email address and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere online. I need to contact you ASAP — could you please email me at jamesbruffee at gmail dot com so I can email you back?

    Thanks. Sorry again.


  2. Dyna Moe
    Posted 1/8/2009 at 2:21 am | Permalink

    The best interpretation of Spider-Man is the newspaper strip.

    Or this.

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