Obama chooses Biden as running mate

Barack Obama has announced that Joe Biden would be his Vice Presidential Running Mate. The first people to learn of the news were alerted by Text Message, after they signed up for alerts via the Barack Obama Campaign website.

The next people to learn were the other possible running mates, Governor Tim Kaine and Senator Evan Bayh. They were questing in World of Warcraft when they received a message from Obama’s Orc Warrior Kaltros. It simply stated “SS. Biden’s my m8.

By this time News outlets had picked up on the story when Biden set his twitter to “Start printing your Obama/Biden bumper stickers!!!”

Biden himself was sent a facebook message from Obama with the subject “Guess What?” Biden responded by posting on Obama’s Superwall with a video of a cat flipping out. Underneath it Biden wrote “This is me.”

McCain prompted his campaign manager to start working on some anti-Biden ads via a Friendster message.

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