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On Facebook - which I plan to link to from here - I asked people to tell me about NY indie teams they liked. And their was a huge, wonderful reaction. Dave Murray printed it out for Nicole “hates facebook” Drespel. And Pat Regan said “congrats on the thread to me” which I don’t fully understand.

So I pored over the thread today, and here are some general thoughts.
First, I was not prepared for that level of enthusiasm. I assumed it would get about 50 comments, but instead it got over 200 comments. And that was in one day. It got 100 of those comments in the first hour. That is a fast, visceral reaction. I immediately stop reading it and just waited until that night when it settled down.

Yes, I counted all the teams. I did it fast, so these numbers are possibly wrong. And meaningless. Because some people didn’t mention teams that had already been mentioned a lot. And some teams only got mentioned because someone else mentioned it just before they posted. But counting stuff is fun and cool, right?

Bear Golf got mentioned the most (24). But Gulf Oil (20) and Schoolmarm (21) were right up there too. This non-competition was anyone’s game.
Fascinating to me was that Tops didn’t get mentioned until about 100 comments into the thread, but then got mentioned almost as much as any of the three teams I mentioned. (19 times) So once the Tops fans came out they came out in force.
17 different teams got mentioned at least 10 times.

Even more astonishing is that 135 teams in total were mentioned. Sad stats: I had only heard of 30 of these teams. I hadn’t heard of over 100 teams, and that’s sad. Even sadder I’ve only see about 20 of those teams perform.

Team Names I assumed were bits until they got multiple mentions: St Louis Rams, JFK Rowling, Fart Police and Bush Administration.

Team names I didn’t count: Magic Suzie (mentioned by Shannon, this was my first indie team and one of the first performing indie teams in the UCB Community), Toast (mentioned by Sam Riegel, this was a team Sam and Shannon were on that I was added to right before the team retired. I performed twice with them. Their final show and a reunion show.), and all the fake names Patrick Noth mentioned. The only fake teams mentioned (that I could detect). Way to go Patrick!

Two team’s had apostrophes in their names: Matt’s Aunt Kim and NBC’s Whitney

There are teams named Scareface Danza and Scott Baio Wolf

My favorite team name: Together We Chill.

Also I am thankful that exists so I can look up teams on there and see who is on those rosters. What a great resource! Thanks Ben Apple! Thanks Facebook! Thanks improv community!

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