Hardened Chaos

Previously on Chaotic: Britney likes Kevin.

It doesn’t seem last episode revealed much else.

What I learned from episode 3 of CHAOTIC: Britney and Kevin:

  • When Britney says she loves Kevin she means that she thought she might love him, but isn’t sure and that she would like to get some chips now.
  • Kevin is bad at cheering Britney up when she is pissed off. He calls her a witch and makes fun of how tired she looks. Classy!
  • Britney has “The worst temper in the world!” Luckily she can do some boxing exercises to work off that anger
  • This episodes concert footage is less slutty. Less slutty, but still slutty.
  • Speaking of concert footage, this episode has more footage then the previous too. Filler already?
  • Three episodes in and I have only counted 2 conversations that Britney and Kevin have. a)Sex is great and b) What is love?
  • More Brad Pitt talk. Britney thinks like a guy because she would let her husband sleep with Halle Berry if she could sleep with Brad Pitt. All the guys would not make a similar deal and Britney thinks they are lying.
  • There is a lot of smoking in this episode.
  • Britney no longer believes in fairy tales. “Britney is hardened” she tells the camera.
  • Britney acts rebellious by staying out late partying. She does it when she feels scared.

This episode had a lot of fighting. I guess that is why the concerts were less slutty (less sexy?) and she smoked more (stress).

Poor Britney. At the end of the episode they fight and Kevin says he almost left!

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  1. eliza
    Posted 6/10/2005 at 7:25 am | Permalink

    I love watching Chaotic vicariously through you. Please also start updating me on Six Feet Under and The News.

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