Wall-E makes Pixar 8 for 9

Other then Cars, which I found very dull I have liked every Pixar movie.

But when I saw the trailer for Wall-E it looked boring. Then I read an article where it talked about how the movie had minimal dialogue. That didn’t sound too appealing. So I decided early on I would pass on this film.

Then the reviews started coming in and they were all good. Then people I knew started seeing it and they all raved about it. Good reviews from friend’s or critics doesn’t necessarily mean I will like a movie, but with Pixar’s track record I figured I couldn’t lose.

I dragged Cat to see the movie, even though she was pretty ambivalent about seeing it. I worried that she would be bored by the film. That was a ridiculous worry. She loved it. I loved it. It’s great. It’s funny and smart. The movie is funny, heatwarming and at times farcical. Watching this little robot run rampant through a space station breaking everything he sees is so much fun. Particularly when you see how everything he breaks is better off. I could go into a lot of details about why I think the movie is smart, but it would be only interesting to people who have seen it so far. And they are already convinced it is good.

I even convinced my younger brother to see it, and he loved it. After telling him to watch Arrested Development and Friday Night Lights he has begun to trust my judgement 100%. I hope I don’t abuse that power.

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    Wall-E totally looks like the robot from “Short Circuit”… minus the cheesy 80’s style of course

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    Next up from the list of Kev-ommendations is the TV show “Sports Night”. It’s been hanging out on my netflix list for a while and it will be moved up to the top shortly.

    Kevin has not come out and say “you would like this” as he did for Friday Night Lights, but he has given it a seal of approval.

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