Parrallel Parking is easy with a Matrix

beware of naked austrians Last week my brother Brian left his car with me to save on parking fees while he went on vacation. At the start of the week I was nervous that his car would be stolen or broken into. Of course I have not heard that this area is unsafe for cars. In fact I have a couple of friends with cars in the area and they have never had any issues, but this wasn’t my car so I felt nervous at first.

After it escaped the first few nights unscathed I was able to stop worrying and I immediately got spoiled. Cat and I drove to Corona to get some Italian Ice from the Lemon Ice King of Corona. I drove to my storage space on the west side of Manhattan. I drove a few boxes to a thrift store. Cat and I went to a large super market where she could put a shopping cart down the aisle without having our elbows knock cans of tomato paste off the shelf. It was great!

The day after Brian took his car back Cat and I both felt sad. We had just gotten into the habit of having a car. As we stayed in Monday afternoon we both almost suggested we drive somewhere before remembering we no longer had a car.

Of course, on Wednesday night I got a parking spot directly across the street from our apartment’s front door. So Thursday I didn’t drive anywhere. I put off going to storage until Friday because I knew I wouldn’t get that good a parking spot again.

I only had the car a week and I didn’t want to drive it so I could have a good parking spot. I immediately became someone’s elderly uncle. I liked stepping out of the apartment and seeing it right there. The car would look at me and say “If you wanted to, you could go for a drive right now!”. It was a nice feeling.

I hope Brian goes on vacation again soon!

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    I hope I go on vacation again soon too!

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