High Definition/Lowest Common Denominator

Lately I have been watching the new Discovery Channel series, Planet Earth. An amazing look at different regions of the planet and the animals that are found there.

Unfortunately the first thing that strikes me while watching this show is “I wish I had a HD Television.” Seriously this show (and sporting events) are the two things that make me really wish I had a big widescreen HD TV.

The other thing that I notice about myself while watching this is how often I fall into the base level of society. I marvel at the beauty of the striped octupus. I marvel at the square headed fox. I am stunned by the million bird flocks in Tibet. But the part that gets me to verbally react, and the most likely part I will rewind to watch again? The violence. Whether its a shark eating a seal in an eye blink or a pride of lions attacking an elephant in the middle of the night, I know what I like.

Oh well. Time to watch the latest episode of America’s Next Top Model.

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