IM conversation with Erik Tanouye

The following has been edited to improve poor typing, change IM usernames, and make me seem less stupid:

kevhines: I overheard a girl on the subway telling her friend about the Wire.
erik: Did they seem like they appreciated it, or did it seem like that they didn’t get it?
kevhines: Subway girl said things like this —> “Do you watch the Wire? *she didn’t let her friend respond* They got this new mayor who went around telling people to do their jobs. He was like you can’t be not doing your job. So they all got around and got to work. Man I wish our mayor was like. Cause he was all like forget quotas. I know, cause I got arrested once and it was for a dumb reason.”
erik: She’s going to be disappointed when things return to business as usual in bmore.
kevhines: I was pretending to read but I just eavesdropped.
erik: You were laying a wire on her
kevhines: She also talked about terrorism
kevhines: “Muslims don’t like to kill. That’s the last thing they want to do. I KNOW. my friend was a Muslim. And Bush is all like attacking Iraq. Like, why is he doing that? Cause of WMDs? We gave those to Saddam. We give everyone WMDs so that we can invade when we want.”
kevhines: Her friend was even dumber as later she was shocked to hear that “Saddam isn’t Bin Laden”
erik: I wonder how David Simon would feel about them watching his show
erik: He got mad when people misinterpreted a slow zoom on Carcetti at the end of season 3
erik: Am I your blog now?
erik: Today’s post was all stuff you told me Sunday
kevhines: Yes
erik: Will today’s IM be Wednesday’s blog?

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  1. Posted 11/29/2006 at 5:14 pm | Permalink

    Overhearing conversations like that are perhaps the thing I miss the most about nyc. That was an especially great one.

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