How I Spent my Thanksgiving Vacation…

Over this past Thanksgiving weekend I:

  • watched The Wire Season Two : The only season of the Wire I had not seen. Numerous people told me this was the best season and while it was great, I still preferred season three. I am not sure if that is because season three was the first season I watched, or the only one I watched in ‘real time’ (as they aired) but it is always the one I find myself going back to. Regardless – if you like good television then you’d love the Wire.
  • saw Casino Royale: I read the book (Ian Fleming’s first) a month ago and didn’t really like it. I was bored by and found the story un-Bond like. Which is ridiculous since this was the first James Bond story ever, but my perception was based on the movies.
    The movie, however – was amazing. It was also suprisingly faithful to the book. A lot of the un-bond like moments from the book were changed enough so that they worked. I’d rather not go into details over what the changes where and why I liked them as most of them could be considered spoilers, so I will simply recommend the movie. One of the best Bond movies ever.
  • saw Borat: While this didn’t live up to the high praise I have heard heaped upon it, it was very very funny. Even more suprising was that Borat undergoes a heroic journey through this film. I was expecing a more jackass like film with just a slew of scenes (maybe connected under the thin premise of learning about America).
  • watched the latest two episodes of The Wire Season Four: You’d think I would have been sick of the Wire by Sunday. But instead I am dreading the rapidly approaching season finale because I don’t want to wait until the next season.
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  1. Posted 11/28/2006 at 7:32 pm | Permalink

    did you make it outside and/or to the bathroom?

  2. Kevhines
    Posted 11/29/2006 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    On Thursday? Yes to the second, no to the first.

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