Loved being a part of this campaign. Love the first line of…

Loved being a part of this campaign. Love the first line of Connor’s acceptance speech. Love that most of the livestream was not recorded. Love the ending shot of me looking up election results on my iPad.



It’s a bittersweet anniversary, and one I am unlikely to commemorate again, but I figure this is a good day to reflect upon What Might Have Been.

On this day last year, The Chris Gethard Show did an epic 12-hour broadcast, all of which can be viewed online here. It is insane and well worth watching. At the same time, I did a 9-and-a-half hour live broadcast from my campaign headquarters, which TCGS would check in with once every hour.

I doubt that many people watched my livestream, since it was opposite a proper full episode of TCGS— that would be sort of like if there was a brand-new 12-hour episode of Cheers scheduled up against a 9-and-a-half episode of The Tortellis — which one would YOU watch?

And so, I had hoped to eventually present all 9.5 hours of my simulcast online, for historians and students to examine and study. Sadly, it was recently discovered that a tremendous amount of my broadcast was never recorded, due to a series of technical calamities that happened on that very chaotic day. 

However, I would like to present to you two of the clips which DID survive. I hope you will watch them and enjoy them.


ONE: My “Victory Speech” written by Nicole Drespel

Nicole was my head speechwriter, and I had asked her to come up with several different speeches for Election Day. Most of them were concession speeches, but the one I read on-air was the speech I would have read had I won the Election. Nicole did an amazing job, and I have to say that, had I won, it would have potentially been one of the boldest and most memorable Presidential acceptance speeches in the history of the world.



TWO: The “Journalists’ Roundtable”

This was a freewheeling and substantial conversation between myself and three of the actual professional journalists who had covered my campaign over the previous 15 months. They asked me questions and I gave as good as I got. Sal Gentile, Jon Bershad and James Ramsay were three of the only reporters who took my campaign seriously and I am sad for them that they were not able to cover me as President, because I think it’s clear that, deep down, they all were hoping I would win, even though they all deny it.

Methinks they do protest too much, to quote The Bard.



Anyway, I hope you will watch and enjoy these two segments from last year’s little-seen marathon broadcast. Bear in mind that by the time I filmed both of these segments, I believe I had already been on the air for several hours straight.

The important thing to remember is that, one year ago today, I was almost elected President, in the sense that I was old enough and I tried my best to become President, which is closer than most people ever get. We were an underdog campaign that perhaps flew a little too close to the sun.

So, remember: never give up on your dreams. Unless those dreams are crushed, or prove too difficult in which case you should find other dreams that you can never give up on, unless they also prove impossible, in which case, try to find a dream that is possible and then never give up on that, because dreams CAN come true.

Presidentially Olympically Yours,

Future Olympic GOLD Medal Winner Connor Ratliff (Age 38)

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