Looking for poster designers


Hey Tumblr, who are the people designing posters for comedy shows in NYC? Got any recommendations of someone good?

I answered Kevin on facebook but I like having a reason to brag about David Ebert.

I needed someone to design a poster for my sketch show (Apocalypse in Connecticut - look for me to continue plugging that show next month!) and Anthony Apruzzese recommended David to me.

I contacted David, said my show is about Connecticut and the Apocalypse and I like those old woodcuts they’d use in bibles, so maybe do something with that. Almost immediately I got this:


I love this poster.

Recently I made stickers to promote the Brothers Hines. I sent David a crudely sketched drawing telling him keep it simple and keep the images of us crude and simple (I wanted Will and I to be barely more than stick figures) and he gave me a sticker I constantly get compliments on:


David Ebert does great work!

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