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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Episode: Season 2, Episode 396
Original airdate: 2/17/11

Pictured: Audience member being waxed

Synopsis: In the segment “Wax On/Wax Off,” an audience member must answer trivia correctly or his friend will get his chest waxed. The contestant is presented with a list of impossible trivia categories, including “Latvian Prime Ministers” and “Earlier, Lesser Known Latvian Prime Ministers.” The first category is chosen for him.

Jimmy reads the question: “This founder of the Latvian Farmers Union was elected in 1918 and was later succeeded by Ziegfried Anna Meierovics.” The contestant answers: “Barack Obama.”

“Ten years of college, and that’s all you got?” says his friend as hair is ripped out of his body. (The correct answer, of course, is Kārlis Ulmanis.)

Later, in the final round, the “Potpourri” category skips over Music and Sports and goes to… Latvian Prime Ministers. Once again, the contestant gets it wrong, identifying the current Latvian prime minister as “That dude Moombarak?” (correct answer: Valdis Dombrovskis).

The two audience members are presented with parting gifts of Ed Zeppelin T-shirts, as well as a 24-pack of Nads hair removal strips “to finish the job.”

well - I think Silvija’s new blog about Latvian references in pop culture is ‘liels’!

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