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Flash – fighting fire with fire is dull

Flash Episode 16 – Trajectory I really enjoy the Flash. This season isn’t quite as good as season 1, but it’s still the best super-hero tv show ever, so I guess it’s doing fine. Despite that I am going to complain a bit. I get bored of Flash fighting over speedsters. To beat them he […]

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Supergirl – They’re using that guy?!?

Supergirl Episode 17 – Manhunter I only want to write about one topic per episode. So as I watched last night’s episode I thought about writing about the new addition of Jim Harper and CADMUS, or how great the women characters are in this show (that’s a weakness of the Flash), or just in general […]

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Supergirl Ep 16 – Stealing from Superman

A post about the latest episode of Supergirl, as I threatened on Facebook. Maybe I’ll keep doing these. Maybe this will the only one? Supergirl Episode 16 – Falling In this episode Supergirl gets infected by Red Kryptonite which makes her lose her inhibitions and become dark Supergirl. Just like what happens in Superman III! […]

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I haven’t posted much lately, but if I ever start writing more content it will be a joy. For those of you that are interested (Will?): I upgraded my wordpress to 2.8.6 I changed my theme to a barely modified Thematic ( I use the wp-polls plug-in (2.50) for that poll on the right. I […]

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Brothers Hines videos!

Last night (October 8th) the Brothers Hines competed in a Improv Cagematch at the UCB Theater. We did this two years ago, and it was great to do it again. We had a really fun show and won (which means we get to perform again next week). But the only reason I am writing this […]

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National Sketch Month: 3 of the same sketches?

Will, Erik and I wrote 3 different sketches with the same title. Twice. You see I’ve been participating in the Unofficial Sketch Month. Ben Ragheb and Michelle Dobrawsky are the ones who championed it. I recall brother Will doing it last year. And Silvija Ozols mentioned to me in August that she had plans to […]

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Helpless: A Story in Capes

The following was inspired by Will Hines: Helpess A shot rang out and the Senator collapsed to the floor. His daughter clutched the wounded man’s side screaming for a doctor. Seemingly from nowhere Dr. Spiral stepped forward. Dressed for a night out in his best suit he took the Senator’s body into his arms. He […]

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Divergent Dimensions of Kevin

A couple weeks back a college friend of mine, Matt, visited. We hadn’t seen each other in years and while we were catching up I was struck by an odd feeling – like I was looking at an alternate reality of myself. Somehow a rift between dimensions had opened and I had stepped out to […]

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Long Term Bets

My favorite bets to make are long term, low stakes bets. Half the fun is remembering you even made the bet. My second favorite long term bet was one I made with my brother Brian. I can’t remember when we made the bet, but I am pretty sure I was in high school. I bet […]

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Watchmen was ok

Maybe I’m too close. While watching this movie a part of me was upset anytime a favorite line or moment was NOT in the movie, and then often I felt the movie made mistakes my being so slavish to the comic. Quite a contradiction. But now that I am 24 hours removed from the film […]

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