Flash – fighting fire with fire is dull

Flash Episode 16 – Trajectory


I really enjoy the Flash. This season isn’t quite as good as season 1, but it’s still the best super-hero tv show ever, so I guess it’s doing fine. Despite that I am going to complain a bit.

I get bored of Flash fighting over speedsters. To beat them he often just needs to go faster.
I also get bored of Iron Man fighting other robots or robo-suits. Or Superman fighting other Kryptonians. I like when they use their powers against some other set of powers.

That’s not to say I think the Flash should never face another speedster. But last season, the main villain was Reverse Flash. This season it’s Zoom. I hope next season it’s something different.

I prefer when Flash has to deal with someone who teleports, or creates duplicates, or can fly, or anything else. I get excited to see Flash run up the side of buildings, or across water, or create tornadoes with his arms. Watching him run and punch someone… is good. But it’s just repetitive.

So last night when the villain was set up to be a female speedster, I was bored. Luckily the villain of the week is never the most important part of a good super-hero show. So I got to see the team hanging out. I got to see Flash consider drugs to get faster. I got to see Dr. Wells be confronted about the person he murdered.

The actual fight against Trajectory was dull. Flash runs, she runs faster. Flash tries again. She still runs faster. He never actually beats her!

But Trajectory, and her split personality was interesting. So I even enjoyed her as a villain.

That also backed up the theory I’ve had about Zoom since Jay Garrick showed Caitlin his Earth 1 doppelganger. (PS this theory is not based on anything from the comics, so it’s not a spoiler, because I have no idea if it’s true) I think Jay’s use of Velocity drugs caused him to split into multiple aspects of his personality. I think there was good Jay who went to Earth 1, evil Jay – Zoom, and original Jay in the metal mask on Earth 2.

I can’t believe there is a show where I can use the phrase “Earth 1 doppelganger” when discussing it.

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Supergirl – They’re using that guy?!?

Supergirl Episode 17 – Manhunter


I only want to write about one topic per episode. So as I watched last night’s episode I thought about writing about the new addition of Jim Harper and CADMUS, or how great the women characters are in this show (that’s a weakness of the Flash), or just in general about how great Melissa Benoist is as Supergirl (She is so great in this role that she holds up the weaker episodes single-handedly), or about how great the sisters are as a core relationship for ths show.

But instead I am going to write about how crazy it is that there is a live action TV show that has J’onn J’onzz has a supporting character.

J’onn J’onzz, also known as The Martian Manhunter or John Jones is a founding member of the Justice League, but I never heard of him as a kid. But that is because he was not on the Superfriends. His power-set is also complicated because he basically has all of them. He can fly, shape change, turn invisible, phase, has heat vision (He often calls it Martian Vision, but it’s the same thing), is very strong, and he’s a telepath. He is Superman Plus. But he doesn’t look human.

There have been very cool things done with the character, but he feels like he started as a real hodge podge of a hero. And no one has heard of him. I didn’t know who he was for a long time. Because he wasn’t on Superfriends.

I “met” him when I started reading Justice League International. That was a Justice League comic that was mostly filled by lower tier heroes. Aquaman was too big a name for this team! And Martian Manhunter was in charge. This comic was great, and it was also funny. It switched between “serious” super-heroics and sit-com like character moments. It was in this series that J’onn got hooked on Oreo’s which he was eating on this week’s Supergirl (Or he was at least eating a name-brand-less version of Oreo’s. Chocos is a terrible name. This would have been a great place for some product placement. Oh well.)

When Martian Manhunter was used in the Cartoon Network Justice League cartoon I was very excited. That’s a character I never imagined would be brought to life. That cartoon proved that any character could be utlized as they brought in dozens and dozens of characters. But J’onn was no guest. He was important. He was a founding member in the cartoon just like in the comics. He was great, and powerful, and treated like he was as cool as Green Lantern or the Flash.

Now you won’t see J’onn in the upcoming Justice League cartoon. He is not even in the Justice League comic anymore. While he’s been used well, he’s not an easy sell so Warner Brothers seems to have put him into the background. And since Warner Brothers Films failed to make a good Green Lantern movie and doesn’t seem to “get” Superman not touching J’onn is probably a smart call.

But DC Comics on TV? They went for it! I cheered aloud in my empty living room when he was revealed on Supergirl. (“Is he Martian Manhunter? He couldn’t be. Could he? I think he is! HE IS! THIS IS AWESOME!”) And as good as Supergirl is, I am stunned everytime I get to see some Martian Manhunter action.

I know lots of people are already sick of super-heroes on TV and in Movies, but for me I can’t seem to get enough. I love that there are enough Super-hero televsion shows that there are some I don’t want because they aren’t good enough. What a luxury!

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Do we really need a straight man to make comedy work?

Do we really need a straight man to make comedy work?:


I’d like to propose a simple change in terminology for analyzing comedy and improv scenes. Often two person comedy scenes will have one character who is inappropriate, absurd, irrational, illogical or weird, and another character who’s role is to react to this strange character as we think an average person might. This other character is usually more reasonable, skeptical, logical, or rational than the strange one. 

The term that most people use for this is “straight man.” I love the concept, it’s extremely useful, but I hate the term. Every time I hear it, it sounds more and more tone deaf. Instead, I think we should use the term “voice of reason” instead:

the voice of reason (definition): Often when one character in a scene is odd, weird or strange, we need another character who is the voice of reason. This character’s job is to react as an ordinary person might to the absurd character. They might be skeptical of the other character’s point of view. They might react by being annoyed, or amazed, or shocked, or nonplussed.

The voice of reason does not have to act straight, or like a man, they have to react as a person, a person usually very similar to the real life performer behind the character. 

If you don’t like this idea, feel free to keep using the tone deaf term. But if you are open to it, start using “voice of reason” instead. I think you will see it’s much more accurate and leaves out all the cultural baggage that normal and ordinary equals straight and male.

I like this. I hate the phrase straight person or straight character more than straight man - it fixes the gender issue, but seems to put more focus on the use of straight. I never had a good replacement.
This is good. Voice of Reason and the unusual character.

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Supergirl Ep 16 – Stealing from Superman

A post about the latest episode of Supergirl, as I threatened on Facebook. Maybe I’ll keep doing these. Maybe this will the only one?

Supergirl Episode 16 – Falling


In this episode Supergirl gets infected by Red Kryptonite which makes her lose her inhibitions and become dark Supergirl. Just like what happens in Superman III!

In the 1983 “hit” film Superman III the evil non-Luthor villain, who is basically just another Lex Luthor, orders Richard Pryor to make Kryptonite. And this artificial kryptonite doesn’t kill Suerpman, instead it makes him evil. He bullies people. Drinks alcohol. Straightens the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

In Supergirl, the evil non-Luthor villian, who is basically just another Lex Luthor, creates an artificial kryptonite that doesn’t kill Supergirl, instead it makes her evil. She reads her rivals e-mails at Catco, she dances sexy with James Olsen, and she burns all her clothing in front of her sister.

This show has already borrowed plots from Superman stories – the big one being episode 13 – For the Girl Who has Everything. I guess it makes sense. There aren’t a lot of iconic Supergirl stories, and there isn’t a Superman TV show, so most of these plots will never be used by any live action show anytime soon. But it makes me wonder what kinds of adventures Superman has in this universe. Did he ever go evil? Did he ever get infected by the Black Mercy? Is there a Bizarro Superman? I guess not – or people would be less surprised when it happens to Supergirl, right? I guess Superman in this world has dull adventures with fewer super villains. I wonder if he is bored with stopping tornadoes and catching falling airplanes?

I also want to write about J’onn Jones, but I think I am going to limit myself to one topic a post. And this post was about Supergirl stealing Superman stories!

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tomfowlerstuff: bird person.


bird person.

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tomfowlerstuff: bird person.


bird person.

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These are my favorite comics of the last year. As best I can…

These are my favorite comics of the last year. As best I can remember. I might be forgetting something great. But I love these books. And they are all pretty different.

Alex Fernie posted a list of comic book covers for the same reason and I am just stealing that idea.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens as re-told by Kevin Hines I…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens as re-told by Kevin Hines
I enjoyed the movie!

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tytempleton: Present Tense.More of my Christmas ‘toons and…


Present Tense.

More of my Christmas ‘toons and lists are up on my site.

My favorite Darkseid Story (sorry Kirby)

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Batman vs Superman by Kevin Hines

Batman vs Superman by Kevin Hines

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